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Amy McNamara holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Virginia Beach.  She is highly proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic software.  Amy is skilled in drawing, illustration, photo manipulation, concept and layout development, editing graphics and technical documents, creating mock-ups, preparing files for web and print, and coordinating the purchase of ready for print documents.  She is experienced in working on multiple contracts while adhering to brand standards and timelines. While communicating with an event coordinator, she designed several promotional, training, and outreach event graphics for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Amy also created informational graphics while working on the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) contract. Being in the corporate office for two years and remote for three years, she designed and edited various proposal materials, as well as brand and marketing graphics for Resource Management Concepts, Inc.  Most recently, Amy has provided two years of Marketing support to four small Veteran-Owned businesses simultaneously, while working as a Marketing Specialist for Tuttle Creek Management, LLC.  She has assisted in development and maintained company websites.  Managed and coordinated a monthly marketing meeting with Chief Operating Officers from each company.  While working with a vendor, Amy not only created trade show booth graphics but also coordinated and administrated the four companies participation at NAGUS (National Guard Association Of The United States).  She was also in charge of company branding: such as business card design and purchasing, marketing one pagers, and creating/updating PowerPoint briefings.  Having garnered this experience, Amy is competent working independently and in team settings.

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